McLaren P1 Crashes in China

McLaren P1 first front 3/4

Source: Auto Blog

As of not too long ago, there is 1 less of the original 375 McLaren P1s that were manufactured still out on the road or in a garage somewhere.

On Tuesday, April 19th, a silver P1 crashed in Hangzhou, China. The car sustained severe damage to just about every part of it, from the doors, to the hood, to some parts of the rear.

No information is available on how the accident happened or what exactly happened, but it could be that someone was going a little too fast.

The limited production McLaren P1 supercar has 904 horsepower, can go from 0-62 mph in 2.8, and has a top speed of 218 mph.

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Porsche Developing New Tires for Classic Cars

Porsche estimates that about 70% of all vehicles they have ever manufactured are still around today, and in a drivable condition. Logically, this means that the supply for old spare Porsche parts is much lower than the demand. Porsche became aware of this problem, and responded by developing a series of specifically tuned tires for a variety of classic Porsche vehicles.

Porsche now offers 32 new tire recommendations. These recommendations range from the model year of 1959 through 2005. Each tire matches the original tires in terms of look, design, and authenticity.

The new tires are great because they combine the original look of the tires with the driving properties of modern tires.

Porsche 911 SC7

Source: The Versatile Gent

If you were on the fence about buying an older Porsche model, this might just be the extra push you needed to go out and make the purchase. Surely current Porsche owners are thrilled as well.

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Maserati Levante to get a Twin-Turbo V8?

Ugo Colombo Maserati Levant

Source: Car Scoops

It’s been reported that the Maserati Levante, Maserati’s mid-sized crossover luxury vehicle, will expand the lineup of engines that are available, now offering the same, twin-turbo v8 engine from their Quattroporte model.

The 3.8-liter engine currently produces 523 horsepower. However, there is a long way between a prototype and going through production. If it does eventually enter production, it will be part of a small segment of SUVs with over 500 horsepower. It would put it right in between the two versions of the Porsche Cayenne Turbos in terms of horsepower:

Porsche Cayenne Turbo – 520 HP

Maserati Levante – 523 HP

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S – 570 HP

The V6 version of the Levante will go on sale in Late August in the United States, available in both 350 and 430 HP


Ferrari Boss Quells Rumors of SUV

With many luxury car makers heading in the direction of SUV and Crossover vehicles, many believed Ferrari to be the next manufacturer to move into that space. However, at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Fiat group CEO Sergio Marchionne shot down the rumors of Ferrari developing a Sport Utility Vehicle. “’We will not play with SUVs,” he told reporters.

Ugo Colombo The Collection Ferrari SUV Rumors

He stressed the fact that every move that the company makes has to fit with the brand, and it’s evident that he believes that manufacturing an SUV would not be the right move for the image they have always – and continue – to portray.  However, he did admit to reporters that Ferrari is always actively exploring and considering new directions. It is always interesting to see what Ferrari does and car enthusiasts should be excited for what they have in store for the future.

The Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spider

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spider Ugo Colombo

Source: Digital Trends

At the Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo showed everyone one of the seven hand-built Disco Volante Spiders. The vehicle is a carbon fiber masterpiece, featuring a front-bumper, side skirts, hood, grill, trunk, windshield frame, and convertible top all made from the super-light material. The car weighs in at 3,700 lbs., which seems a little hefty considering all the light material used, but is still far from being considered “heavy.”

The vehicle features a 4.7 liter V8 engine, and churns out 450 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. The Spider is said to be able to max out at 181 miles per hour and can shoot to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds.

The vehicle also features 20-inch aluminum wheels, wrapped in Pirelli PZero rubber. The Disco Volante Spider certainly seems like a very exciting vehicle, and it will be interesting to see who is able to get their hands on one and what the price will be.


Explore the Beauty of the 2016 Aston Martin Vanquish

The Aston Martin Vanquish is a beautiful work of art. It enthralls the eyes, captivates your ears, and is stimulating to the touch. It’s one of the most impressive grand touring cars in the world.

While the look and feel of the Vanquish is much like that of the DB9 GT Aston’s top grand tourer is more premium than the brand’s most recognizable model. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic instead of a six-speed, it uses carbon fiber for the body and parts of the structure, and the Vanquish comes with more equipment and higher-line materials.

2016 Aston Martin Vanquish Ugo Colombo The Collection

Source: Motor Authority

The carbon fiber body shell allows Aston Martin to extract more dramatic creases than would be possible with stamped metal. The sharp character line that flows from the side gills to the doors and the one-piece trunk-lid/wing spoiler are prime examples of this tech-enabled display of muscular, sculpted design.  The carbon fiber body, is the work of Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman and it draws heavily from another one of Reichman’s designs — the million-dollar Aston Martin One-77 hypercar.  The Vanquish, however, is latest and perhaps the final interpretation of the design language which originated in 1993 with the DB7 by former Aston designer Ian Callum.


Introducing the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar is planning to fit a more powerful engine under the hood of their 2017 Jaguar F-Pace. The vehicle will be fitted with a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine that will be delivering more power than ever before.  Having a powerful engine like that will help improve the overall performance of the vehicle, but the comfort level of the vehicle might not be satisfactory. To address this issue, Jaguar will be working to try and reduce engine noise.

Jaguar will also be working to give the Jaguar F-Pace a new design.  They are not going to give it the floating roof design.

2017 Jaguar F-Pace Ugo Colombo

Source: Automobile Mag

The F-Pace S snags not only the 380-hp, supercharged V-6 from the F-Type but also the driveline from the all-wheel-drive version of the sports car. That high-torque, on-demand, all-wheel drive is nice tech that includes Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD), a sensor Jaguar debuted on the F-Type and developed in house to predict where to send power by using yaw rate, lateral acceleration, and steering wheel angle. As we talk to Glen Longbottom, the man in charge of F-Pace’s off-road capabilities, we better understand why a high-riding crossover should get such a high-performance system.

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