The Famous 250 GTO Now Going for $55 Million

As one of the most well-known sports car manufactures in the world, Ferrari can produce some expensive vehicles. While it may be hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 2017 Ferrari off the lot, some of the classics make the new models look inexpensive. The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most desired classic sports cars on the planet due to the fact that there were just 39 of them made between 1962 and 1964. Recently, a dealership declared a publically quoted price of $55 million for a 250 GTO.


Most of these sales are not publically auctioned and are sold via private transactions. The last American to purchase one of these models was Bernard J. Cole, a Washington lawyers, for a price undisclosed to the public. The desire of the car is driven by its day-to-day capabilities as it is a car many enthusiasts claim that does not have to be a track car as you could simply drive around town to pick up some groceries or go get a bite to eat. The Ferrari 250 GTO’s value can range from $40-$70 million depending on both its condition and its history on the track. Its sleek design and powerful sounding engine makes this Ferrari a borderline-need for wealthy auto collectors. Recent sales and auctions for the car hover around $35-$40, but if you want to buy the most recent 250 GTO to go on the market, you better be willing to pay about $55 million to add this classic to your collection.

Jaguar I-Pace Electric Car Revealed

In the recent Los Angeles motor show, Jaguar debuted their first pure electric vehicle, the I-Pace 5-seat SUV.  They appear to be going after the Tesla Model X with this move.

A single charge is ranging up to 310 miles and will be able to accelerate from 0-62 in about 4 seconds. It will come in an all-wheel-drive model using 2 electric motors to produce 516 lb-ft of torque powered by a 90 kWh battery pack.

In another move similar to Tesla, you can register your interest in the new model I-Pace on the January website. There is currently no price listed.

McLaren Celebrates 10,000 Cars in 5 years

A Ceramic Grey 570S recently rolled off the line to become the 10,000th car produced at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking.

The production facility was opened in July 2011 and the first car off the line was a McLaren 12C.  “The fact that it took us 42 months to build our 5000th car and just 22 months to build the next 5000 speaks volumes about the pace of development of the company,’ said CEO Mike Flewitt. ‘Much of that development is thanks to the introduction of the Sports Series family of cars and it’s therefore fitting that the 10,000th car is a McLaren 570S’.


Photo credit: McLaren

2018 Audi TT RS is coming to the U.S with a Five-Cylinder Engine

Audi will be unveiling the Audi TT RS in the spring of 2018 with a twist.

Audi’s sophisticated sports vehicle will surprise many Audi enthusiasts when they look under the hood. The upcoming 2018 Audi TT RS will contain a five-cylinder engine, bringing back an age-old Audi technology to a new generation.
The 5-cylinder engine car will dish out nearly 400 horsepower with a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds and will create an expected 354-pound feet of torque. With a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, car lovers will also have the opportunity to purchase fun add-ons to the already anticipated sports car.
The 5-cylinder engine’s comeback will be admired by Audi’s loyal fan base who remember its astonishing performance at the 1976 World Rally competition and at Pikes Peak.  Audi will only be producing the TT RS as an all- wheel drive coupe with an estimated base price of $60,000.

One thing for sure, car enthusiasts are going to be thrilled to add this to their car collection.



New Audi Shock Absorber System Will Put Audi on Top of its Competitors

Auto Suspension systems are continuously evolving with new upgrades released each year. The upgrades allow for continuous improvements in auto versatility which undisputedly improve driving comfort and reduce maintenance costs for the driver.

Audi is once again ready to make another impact in the Auto Industry by releasing an upgraded suspension system. Their upgraded suspension system will enhance vehicle safety with a unique 48-volt electrical shock absorber system.

Audi’s new shock absorber system prototype will be called “eROT” and will comprise electromechanical rotary dampers that’ll substantially reduce vehicle vibrations. It’ll soften the impact of every pothole, road bump, and curve by responding quickly to road surface irregularities and the driving style of the driver.

The “eROT” System contains another purpose than just reducing vehicle vibrations. The system has the ability to harness the kinetic energy created by the vibrations occurred during driving and turning that energy into electricity. This is made possible thanks to the lever arm that absorbs the motion of the wheel carrier which transmits this force towards metal gears connected to an electric motor.

The “eROT” Shock Absorber System will enable energy recuperation, which will allow the driver to save fuel and have a second source of electricity for the vehicle.

But what the eROT Shock Absorber System is truly capable of is revolutionizing the possibilities of Audi’s future car models. This radical new suspension system is certainly plausible since many of Audi’s upcoming car models will utilize a 48-volt battery.

The prototype’s test results are promising thus far, exciting many car enthusiasts who are excited to learn what else Audi has up its sleeves.

Maserati: Pricing and Resale

Much has been said as of late about the pricing and resale value of Maserati. Some sellers have been grousing about how little they’re able to get out of their old Maserati. There has been some discussion that the quality of Maseratis has gone down in recent years, and the reviews haven’t been kind. Some have even referred to it as a glorified Chrysler, which will undoubtedly do the car no favors.


Curiously, Harold Wester, the head of Maserati thinks that perhaps jacking up the pricing might be key to losing Maserati’s perceived tarnished status. His thinking suggests that perhaps people would take the Maserati more seriously if they had to pay more for the car.  Wester proposes an incremental price increase over a few years’ time.

Audi: Ready for Takeoff with the Virtual Cockpit

To say what Audi is doing for driving technology is ‘astonishing’ is an understatement. One only has to sit in the driver’s seat and look past to the steering wheel to see something truly amazing, and that’s a reimagined dashboard which Audi calls the Virtual Cockpit. This cockpit, which will be available in the 2017 A4, Q7, and R8 cars, boasts a 12.9″ high screen, which has three separate and distinct modes.

audi-ready-for-takeoff-with-the-virtual-cockpitThe Classic Mode includes the basic speedometer and tachometer as well as car status information. The Infotainment Mode includes the navigation system, telephone, the Audi connect system, music track information, cover art, and Google maps. The third mode, which is called the Sports Mode, includes a larger tachometer and speedometer, gear selection, and lap timer, allowing for a superior sports driving experience.

Each of these modes are highly customizable to enhance the driving experience and are controlled by a joystick-like rotary controller. Adding to the experience is the ability to incorporate multi-touch gestures such as scrolling and zooming.