The Future of Luxury Miami Real Estate: Abstract Art

Today, many Miami homeowners are choosing to put their own personal stamp in their homes and on their properties through abstract art sculptures. Since Miami is home to one of the most renowned art festivals, Art Basel, the presence of abstract art with Miami real estate adds value and perspective to potential home buyers.

Some real estate companies are even holding art shows inside of the homes on the market. This tactic has the potential to bring in people who may not even be interested in purchasing a home. The presence of art in a home allows potential buyers to experience the house on a more personal level as some guests may draw emotional connections to the art and ultimately the house.

Ugo Colombo, CMC Group President knew of the importance that art has in Miami when he designed the Brickell Flatiron with Luis Revuelta. The interior and exterior of the building features curved lines that creates movement and draws your eyes across the building. The design choices that were made resulted in a beautiful work of art.

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