Unboxing the New Boxster

The old saying “A Boxster owner is not a Porsche owner” may no longer apply.  Compared to the last model, the 2017 Boxster will have 36 more torque and 35 more horsepower.  With a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, this new model may be the most exciting entry-level Boxster to-date.  As for acceleration, the 2017 718 Boxster will go from 0 to 60 in just 4.9 seconds which is more than a half second faster from the 2016 model.  Top speed has also increased now topping off at 170 MPH, 6 MPH faster from the prior year.  With the same braking system and more torque, the 2017 version replaces the 2016 Boxster S as the entry-level Porsche going for about $8,000 cheaper.



While the new model sacrifices some horsepower compared the Boxster S, it is lighter and has considerably more torque.  You will also have your choice of transmission with either PDK automatic or manual stick shift (6-speed).  The Boxster brand continues to grow in the United States with over 10% of all Porsche sales in America being Boxster models.  Porsche will hope that the introduction of this new version will give Americans even more options and thus continue to drive sales upward.  The Boxster will always be compared to the 911 and no, it does not have the same large engine or features.  However, many people do not have the track, roads, etc. to truly experience what the 911 offers.  If you are looking to save considerable cash and still get the excitement that Porsche has to offer, the 2017 718 Boxster may just be the best choice for you.




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