Aston Martin to Enter New Markets

Aston Martin the only remaining British sports car manufacture that has not been bought by an industry giant. They have preserved there image as one of Britain’s most loved and respected sports car manufactures decade after decade, and sure James Bond may have been a key factor in this. However, the company has decided to shake things up with their recent announcement to renew every car in their lineup over the next six years.


Perhaps the biggest surprise is the company’s CEO, Andy Palmer, announcing the brand will be entering the SUV market. The model will be called the DBX with the goal to target new customers, specifically women. While the process is going to be intense both in factories and the corporate office, the company is confident it will produce vehicles in a timely manner that will maintain their image of reliable, powerful, and beautiful cars. These moves have been made so Aston Martin will have long-term financial stability by diversifying their products into different markets, and relying less on their sports sedan. No one knows if the new models will be loved or hated as only time will tell, but Aston Martin has great brand image and the general public will be pulling for them to produce the finest vehicles. This move does not seem that drastic when compared to Aston Martin’s recent decisions to reenter the Formula One market as well as join the luxury powerboat market. Aston Martin has confidence in its employees, which is essential with the company’s complete transformation planned over the next six years.


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