The Famous 250 GTO Now Going for $55 Million

As one of the most well-known sports car manufactures in the world, Ferrari can produce some expensive vehicles. While it may be hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 2017 Ferrari off the lot, some of the classics make the new models look inexpensive. The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most desired classic sports cars on the planet due to the fact that there were just 39 of them made between 1962 and 1964. Recently, a dealership declared a publically quoted price of $55 million for a 250 GTO.


Most of these sales are not publically auctioned and are sold via private transactions. The last American to purchase one of these models was Bernard J. Cole, a Washington lawyers, for a price undisclosed to the public. The desire of the car is driven by its day-to-day capabilities as it is a car many enthusiasts claim that does not have to be a track car as you could simply drive around town to pick up some groceries or go get a bite to eat. The Ferrari 250 GTO’s value can range from $40-$70 million depending on both its condition and its history on the track. Its sleek design and powerful sounding engine makes this Ferrari a borderline-need for wealthy auto collectors. Recent sales and auctions for the car hover around $35-$40, but if you want to buy the most recent 250 GTO to go on the market, you better be willing to pay about $55 million to add this classic to your collection.


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