New Audi Shock Absorber System Will Put Audi on Top of its Competitors

Auto Suspension systems are continuously evolving with new upgrades released each year. The upgrades allow for continuous improvements in auto versatility which undisputedly improve driving comfort and reduce maintenance costs for the driver.

Audi is once again ready to make another impact in the Auto Industry by releasing an upgraded suspension system. Their upgraded suspension system will enhance vehicle safety with a unique 48-volt electrical shock absorber system.

Audi’s new shock absorber system prototype will be called “eROT” and will comprise electromechanical rotary dampers that’ll substantially reduce vehicle vibrations. It’ll soften the impact of every pothole, road bump, and curve by responding quickly to road surface irregularities and the driving style of the driver.

The “eROT” System contains another purpose than just reducing vehicle vibrations. The system has the ability to harness the kinetic energy created by the vibrations occurred during driving and turning that energy into electricity. This is made possible thanks to the lever arm that absorbs the motion of the wheel carrier which transmits this force towards metal gears connected to an electric motor.

The “eROT” Shock Absorber System will enable energy recuperation, which will allow the driver to save fuel and have a second source of electricity for the vehicle.

But what the eROT Shock Absorber System is truly capable of is revolutionizing the possibilities of Audi’s future car models. This radical new suspension system is certainly plausible since many of Audi’s upcoming car models will utilize a 48-volt battery.

The prototype’s test results are promising thus far, exciting many car enthusiasts who are excited to learn what else Audi has up its sleeves.


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