Audi: Ready for Takeoff with the Virtual Cockpit

To say what Audi is doing for driving technology is ‘astonishing’ is an understatement. One only has to sit in the driver’s seat and look past to the steering wheel to see something truly amazing, and that’s a reimagined dashboard which Audi calls the Virtual Cockpit. This cockpit, which will be available in the 2017 A4, Q7, and R8 cars, boasts a 12.9″ high screen, which has three separate and distinct modes.

audi-ready-for-takeoff-with-the-virtual-cockpitThe Classic Mode includes the basic speedometer and tachometer as well as car status information. The Infotainment Mode includes the navigation system, telephone, the Audi connect system, music track information, cover art, and Google maps. The third mode, which is called the Sports Mode, includes a larger tachometer and speedometer, gear selection, and lap timer, allowing for a superior sports driving experience.

Each of these modes are highly customizable to enhance the driving experience and are controlled by a joystick-like rotary controller. Adding to the experience is the ability to incorporate multi-touch gestures such as scrolling and zooming.


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