Porsche’s New Redesigned 718 Boxster &Cayman

Porsche is doing more with less with their new 2017 Boxster and Cayman models and we love it.

When the rumors started floating around about Porsche’s possible move towards introducing turbocharged four-cylinder powered Boxster and Cayman models, car lovers were nervous.

The standard 6-cylinder engine inside the Porsche’s previous Boxster and Cayman models were so embraced that car lovers expected this move to be a downgrade from the 6-cylinder engine.


However, Porsche’s new 2017 Boxster and Cayman models shift to a smaller turbocharged engine still delivers the top of the line power and torque that sports car customers expect, while also meeting toughening EPA regulations.

This shift towards a smaller, more efficient engine aligns the Boxster and Cayman with similar sports cars offered by Subaru and Volkswagen, without depreciating the elegance of driving a Porsche. Although the decrease in cylinders has created a less rich sound that sports car enthusiasts cherish, in high revs the richness is rediscovered.

Pricing on the 718 Boxster starts at $57,050, while the 718 Cayman begins at $53,900.

Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jimresnick/2016/09/20/more-with-less-porsches-new-718-boxster-cayman/#6e3b378c6789




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