McLaren P1: An All-Electric Hypercar?

Ugo Colombo McLaren P1 Electric Hybrid

Source: Jalopnik

McLaren has teased that an all-electric hypercar could become the P1’s successor.  McLaren, who has a plan called Track 22 that includes a bunch of goals the supercar company wants to see completed by the year 2022, leads them to consider whether or not the successor to the McLaren P1 is going to be fully-electric

Some have suggested McLaren will spend some of its recent billion-dollar self-investment money on researching the feasibility and marketability of an all-electric hypercar.  Rather than being an explicit successor, the company’s EV research is going to help it decide whether or not an all-electric Ultimate Series car would be viable. One McLaren representative has said that any forthcoming Macca would obviously need to sound and feel like a McLaren, no matter what’s powering it.  While many are sure the McLaren garage could deliver on the “feel like a McLaren” aspect, it’ll be interesting to see how they try and tackle the “sound like a McLaren” part.



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