The Innovate Jaguar F-TYPE SVR

Jaguar is giving the F-Type an all-new high-performance variant, the F-Type SVR.  The SVR will feature a combination of drivetrain, suspension, interior and body enhancements making it faster, lighter and even more responsive than the standard F-Type S and R models. Jaguar calls the F-Type SVR a “200 mph all-weather supercar” because of its balance of daily driver functionality and aggressive racetrack capabilities.

Jaguar extracted more performance from the supercharged 5.0-litre V-8 engine; compared with the F-Type R, the SVR produces 25 more horsepower and 14 additional lb.-ft. of torque. They also calibrated the eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver quicker shifts and the torque-vectoring AWD system to carve corners more effectively.


Source: The Globe and Mail

They removed 25 kilograms from the weight of the car and they added to the options list a carbon fibre appearance package and carbon-ceramic brakes that strip another 25 kilograms out of the equation. One of those lightweight pieces, an active rear wing made of carbon fibre, is part of another engineering effort to give the SVR reduced lift and drag.

The Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is said to be able to hit 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

Learn more about the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR at


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