Porsche Developing New Tires for Classic Cars

Porsche estimates that about 70% of all vehicles they have ever manufactured are still around today, and in a drivable condition. Logically, this means that the supply for old spare Porsche parts is much lower than the demand. Porsche became aware of this problem, and responded by developing a series of specifically tuned tires for a variety of classic Porsche vehicles.

Porsche now offers 32 new tire recommendations. These recommendations range from the model year of 1959 through 2005. Each tire matches the original tires in terms of look, design, and authenticity.

The new tires are great because they combine the original look of the tires with the driving properties of modern tires.

Porsche 911 SC7

Source: The Versatile Gent

If you were on the fence about buying an older Porsche model, this might just be the extra push you needed to go out and make the purchase. Surely current Porsche owners are thrilled as well.

Learn more at http://www.carscoops.com/2016/04/porsche-develops-new-tires-for-its.html


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