Customizing the McLaren 670S

Purple McLaren 570S and Ugo Colombo


McLaren returned to Pebble Beach this summer to showcase the customization options it offers through its Special Operations division. They exhibited an array of models from its range of supercars, but their focus this year was on the 570S that kicked off the company’s new entry-level Sports Series.

One 570S coupe was decked out by MSO in a special Mauvine Blue paint with coordinating interior treatment in black leather. It was joined by a second 570S in Ventura Orange with options selected from the MSO Defined catalog. The pair of Sports Series models gave prospective buyers a couple of ideas as to how they might specify their own.

The McLaren 570S was unveiled at the New York Motor Show 2015.  The 570S is predicted to triple the company’s sales volume by 2020. It features a 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 engine with 30 percent new parts. It produces 562 bhp and has a price of around $180,000.

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