The Track-Ready Porsche Panamera GTS

Porsche Panamera GTS Ugo Colombo


The Porsche Panamera GTS is a track-ready car and one of the most powerful five-door tourers in the market. It retains its 4.8 liter V8 engine for sheer torque and power. To have the option of Sport and Sport Plus driving with the accompanying symphony from the four exhaust pipes is exhilaration unmatched by any other car.

Once the key is turned in the GTS, the engine revs up loudly before settling on its normal idle speed. This tough sedan thinks it’s a sports car and the road is race track!

The enormous 440 bhp of engine power is channeled through a 7-speed PDK dual clutch automatic gearbox pushing the four wheels. The suspension is lowered by 10mm and is quite tough in city streets despite the fact that it features air springs as standard.

The Panamera GTS is unmatched on fast roads for speed and stability. It feels solid and heavy to steer but feels more comfortable cruising at 100 kph that doing 55kph in city streets. The Panamera GTS is best enjoyed on fast-moving motorways. Going to the south coast and back in half a day was much faster in the GTS.

For sheer pleasure of hi-revving engine torque, Sports Plus driving is a bonus in this car — if the driver enjoys the tough suspension. It comes ready to drive on the track without any adjustment — and it has a stop-watch for lap timing as well.

The cockpit resembles that of a private jet; the seats are perfect for fast driving; and the engine soundtrack is amazing.  It comes well-equipped with a touchscreen control unit for navigation and entertainment.

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