Lego Immortalizes the F40


The last car Enzo Ferrari ever approved himself was the Ferrari F40. Since its release in 1987, the car is still regarded as one of the most impressive supercars of all time. Now, this legendary vehicle has been immortalized by Lego.

Release for this $90 creator model is set for August 1st of this year, and includes 1158-pieces. Lego VIP members will be able to order the set a few weeks early, on July 15th… sets are expected to go fast – pardon the pun.

The Lego F40 will include working doors, pop-up headlights, a hood that opens to reveal the trunk, and rear-gate that opens to reveal the car’s engine. It will also have a removable replica of the car’s twin turbo-charged, 2.9-liter, V8, 478-horsepower engine, for those who wish to admire it from all angles.

For most, this Lego replica is the closest they will ever come to owning this piece of automobile history, and will make an impressive addition to any model car collection.


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