Audi Explores Matrix Laser Headlights


Audi’s Matrix LED headlights allow you to drive with your high beams left permanently on and without bothering other drivers.  This feat is accomplished by ensuring the headlights detect other vehicles on the road and actually split up a light path so that they don’t blind the other drivers.  At the same time they continue to cast their full light in the areas where there isn’t another vehicle. Because the light path being created uses numerous LEDs—about 25 per headlight unit—spread over a grid (or matrix), these can then be individually controlled depending on the situation.

Getting this feature to work with newer laser lights, however, will prove more difficult.  Laser lights have a greater intensity and lower energy consumption than LEDs, as well as a more defined light path.  This creates difficulties as the light isn’t created by multiple sources. But that hasn’t deterred Audi.  The automaker is working on a solution with partners such as Osram and Bosch in an initiative known as Intelligent Laser Light For Compact And High-Resolution Adaptive Headlights.

Read more about Audi’s work with Matrix laser headlights at and watch this video exploring this technology.


2 thoughts on “Audi Explores Matrix Laser Headlights

  1. Hopefully this becomes an industry wide feature in the near future. I think it could go a long way in preventing accidents caused by blinding high beams.

  2. I agree and hope this goes to other makes and models as well, the hardest thing about driving at night is seeing at night.This will really help make cars safer.

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