McLaren 570S Debuts at New York Auto Show

McLaren introduced the 570S Coupe at the 2015 New York Auto Show – only two years after it launched the P1 and 12 months after it replaced the MP4-12C with the 650S. Slotted below the 650S, the 570S gives McLaren access to a new segment and brings the company’s race-derived technologies to a new audience. With the 570S Coupe, McLaren adds the Porsche 911 Turbo to the roster of sports cars it will wage war against, and launches its new Sports Series family. This family will expand to include at least 5 models.


Although it the least powerful and the smallest road-going McLaren yet, the McLaren 570S Coupe promises to be as exciting as any sports car coming from Woking. The coupe shares its DNA with both the P1 and 650S, while also using a range of race-bred technologies that already debuted in previous models. In short, the 570S Coupe isn’t a lesser McLaren, but the company’s attempt to make its products available to a wider clientele and at a more affordable price (it will be priced around $184,900 in the U.S. market). It’s part of McLaren’s recently announced plans to expand globally, and, by the looks of things, this new strategy is off to a great starts thanks to the 570S Coupe.

Read more about the McLaren 570S Coupe


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