Porsche Plug-in Hybrid

Bernhard Maier, the head of Global Sales and Marketing for Porsche, commutes 56-miles round trip each day to the company headquarters in Stuttgart. His goal for this trip is to make it the entire way emissions free, using a Panamera with a low-carbon dioxide powertrain, or Porsche Cayenne plug-in hybrid. These vehicles are new to the Porsche line-up, and prove a shift in mindset for the sports car giant. Maier recently sat down for an interview with Automotive News Europe Editor Luca Ciferri, in which he explained the functionality of Porsche’s two newest eco-friendly vehicles, and how they are faring in the marketplace.

ugo-colombo-porsche-plugin-hybridHe states that the two new models are designed to go about 21.8-miles on pure battery power, but there are ways to extend this battery life. He says by “coasting into traffic” and “recuperating energy during braking”, you can extend your trip by quite a few miles. He himself makes it 24.9-miles each morning to work, which he does on pure battery power in most cases. The ability to switch from Hybrid to regular performance is a real draw for most people, especially when they have their own electrical filling station at their home or office.

The Cayenne was only recently introduced, but the Panamera has already met 10-percent global demand. Maier believes that this demand will increase as more governments subsidize eco-friendly vehicles. The Panamera and Cayenne plug-in offer the best of both worlds, and that does come at an increased cost; once governments start to encourage their citizens to work on reducing pollution, and offering these programs, Maier believes the demand for electrified vehicles could grow to as much as 50-percent.

Read more about this Porsche hybrid at http://www.autonews.com/article/20150103/RETAIL/301059957/porsche-bullish-on-plug-in-hybrids


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