The Floating Ferrari


Picture yourself driving the windy roads of Italy in a beautiful Ferrari, nothing but open road ahead of you. Now imagine you live in Venice, where the streets are canals filled with water… what do you do? Artist Livio De Marchi, a Venice local, found a way to make that dream a reality; he built a floating Ferrari.

The F50 took five-months to carve, and is made entirely of solid pine. With carved wooden wheels and distinctive air vents, no detail was left out. Although the wooden boat does not have the impressive 4.7-liter V12 engine that the car has, it does have a small motor engine to get it around… a step up from the old paddle boat he was using to get around the city before.

Livio admits that the canals are not what they used to be, and are like freeways than the gentle canals they once were; large yachts and water taxis making it harder for smaller paddle boats to compete for space. He notes that this solution may have been a bit eccentric, but that is something he is known for in the area. Livio is renowned in Venice for his lifelike wooden sculptures. He has carved everything from wooden dachshunds, to wooden hanging clothes. This wooden Ferrari F50 is actually not his first wooden car either. He has floated down the canal in a wooden 1937 Jaguar, a Mercedes 300L, and recreations of Cinderella’s pumpkin.



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