Jaguar’s Driverless Car

Many new cars are equipped with the ability to parallel park on its own or alert the driver when they come close to another vehicle. This is obviously a result of a push for making automobiles more autonomous, which has been a staple in science fiction films for many years. Jaguar Land Rover will begin testing their driverless car in the United Kingdom in January along with insurance companies, automobile councils and universities. The purpose of the testing is to see how autonomous cars handle real world conditions on the roads surrounding Coventry and Milton Keynes, but only part time. At this point, fully autonomous cars are not being tested on this scale, but many car manufacturers are testing this individually. The group will do studies based on these tests to help vehicle manufacturers, municipalities, insurance companies, legislators and any other stakeholders to develop legal and safety regulations for autonomous vehicles. It is also important that throughout research is done so the public is confident that autonomous vehicles are safe.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years with driverless vehicles and how strict the regulations will be for designing them.


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