Aston Martin DB10

Aston_Martin_DB10_CMCAston Martin has unveiled the new DB10 that will be featured in the new James Bond movie due out in November 2015. This continues the affiliation with Bond and Aston Martin starting with the DB5 from the 1960s. It is up for debate what type of engine the DB10 will be equipped with, but will likely be a V8, but many are hoping for a V12. Unfortunately, it does not look like the DB10 will be available for the public purchase since only ten are going to be produced as of right now, which are to be used exclusively for the film. Interestingly, all ten are going to be handmade at Aston Martin’s headquarters in the UK.

Despite what Aston Martin says, there is still the possibility that the DB10 will reach production at some point in the future, but likely with a different name. It is expected that this vehicle will be the basis for the design of the Aston Martins to come in the near future.


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