The New Track Only Ferrari Unveiled

ferrari_fxx_CMCFerrari recently unveiled a new super-car that is not road legal and can only be used on the track. The Ferrari FXX K is basically a higher performance LaFerrari that has limited cosmetic changes. For starters, the FXX K has 86 more horsepower than the LaFerrari, which means a total of 1036 horsepower. As with the LaFerrari, the FXX K is a hybrid V12, with 848 coming from the V12 and 188 coming from the electric motor. In addition, the FXX K is equipped with fitted camshafts and a redesigned intake manifold from the LaFerrari. Furthermore, fewer exhaust silencing mechanisms are present on the FXX K since it’s not a street legal vehicle, resulting in a very loud ride.

The transmission is a seven speed dual clutch automatic as with the LaFerrari, but the FXX K is outfitted with four different driving modes. Quality mode is for maximum performance for a limited amount of time, Long Run mode is for an extended amount of driving time so performance is consistent, Manual Boost mode is for maximum performance and Fast Charge mode is for recharging the car’s battery. Unfortunately, this car cannot actually be taken home if purchased, the FXX K can only be used on Ferrari approved tracks under the supervision of Ferrari. The point of this is to help Ferrari research and develop the vehicle and its technology and receive input from its top customers.


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