Ferrari LaFerrari

ferrariFerrari introduced another super car at the 2013 Geneva show that is a hybrid! This is surprising because when the hybrid trend started, Ferrari didn’t seem to be interested. Ferrari only built 499 LaFerraris for production, which have already sold out. The suggested retail price was between $1.35 million and $1.69 million. This vehicle is somewhat similar to the Bugatti Veyron, but is able to achieve a higher fuel economy. The hybrid setup is a close comparison to the McLaren P1 and is just as gorgeous. Not only is the body of the LaFerrari incredible, but it is equipped with serious performance features as with every Ferrari.

The Ferrari LaFerrari boasts 950 horsepower and over 700 Nm of torque. This allows the vehicle to reach 124 mph in under 7 seconds. In addition, this Ferrari has a maximum speed of over 215 mph. This power comes from its V12 gasoline engine as well as its electric engine. Some of the other features that the vehicle comes with is stability control, carbon ceramic brakes, a high performance braking system and active aerodynamics. The Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid follows in Ferrari’s push toward lower emission super cars. Surprisingly, the LaFerrari does not have lower power settings like many other supercar hybrids. The Ferrari LaFerrari is a stunning car and unfortunately, it is practically impossible to find one since they were sold out soon after its limited production run.


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