McLaren P1 GTR


Car enthusiasts praised the power and look of the McLaren P1, but McLaren made things even more interesting with the announcement of a special edition P1, the GTR. The McLaren P1 GTR will only be available to P1 owners, which is limited to 375. McLaren has not disclosed how many GTRs will be produced, but it is expected to be under 50. Production will start when the last of the P1s are completed in the beginning of 2015. The GTR borrows it’s the name from the McLaren F1 GTR that won the Le Mans in 1995.

The P1 GTR will have 83bhp more than the P1 GTR, resulting in 986bhp. It is unknown how fast it will accelerate, but it will certainly be quicker than the 2.8 seconds the P1 accelerates to 62 mph. Some other changes are a larger and fixed spoiler as well as repositioned side mirrors for better aerodynamics. The GTR was given a new twin exhaust pipe design, made of inconel and titanium alloy and is centrally mounted. Furthermore, the GTR is equipped with quick release 19-inch racing alloy wheels and an onboard air jacking system for very quick tire changes. The McLaren P1 GTR will retail for over $3.3 million and is only available to drivers who purchased the $1.15 million P1.


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