Aston Martin re-launch starting with the DB9

Aston Martin announced plans to re-launch its brand in 2016 and the first vehicle to take advantage of this launch will be the DB9. The re-launch was expected since the DB9 has been in its current state for quite some time and an overhaul was necessary. Since 2016 is over a year away, information is limited, but we do know that the engine for the new DB9 will be produced by Mercedes-AMG. This will be the first Aston Martin equipped with an AMG engine after the two companies teamed up. This decision will likely pay off because Aston Martin will be able to benefit from Mercedes-AMG’s expertise, research, and development rather than producing engines in-house. The engine will likely be a twin-turbocharged V8 that is similar to the 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT. It is certainly possible that a hybrid variant will be produced, which would be interesting. Another expectation is that the new DB9 will have an all-aluminum chassis, which should reduce costs significantly.

The re-launch of the Aston Martin brand is an attempt to compete with Ferrari and establish itself as a financially stable sports and luxury car manufacturer. The re-launch will be the biggest brand investment that Aston Martin has made in its history. The strategic partnership with Mercedes-AMG should help to boost the brand as well. It is expected that following the release of the all new DB9, the rest of the line up with receive major overhauls as well.


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