Windshields without the Wipers from McLaren

ugo-colombo-wordpress-windshields-wipers-mclarenMany people think that windshield wipers are an eyesore, especially on luxury cars. They just don’t fit with the flow of the vehicle.  Some auto manufacturers have made them somewhat hidden under the lip of the hood, but they are still present and there are many reasons luxury car drivers are annoyed by windshield wipers.  A commonly cited reason is aerodynamics. Since the wipers obstruct the overall flow of the car, they can cause the car to be less aerodynamic. This probably isn’t an issue for a regular car, but luxury and sports cars are designed to be extremely aerodynamic to optimize speed capability. Windshield wipers must also be replaced regularly and especially in the winter, which can become costly.  Wipers are not always reliable and sometimes they are unable to remove debris on certain spots of the windshield.

McLaren is attempting to produce a windshield wiper system without windshield wipers. The concept is based on using ultrasound waves to keep the windshield clear of debris. The system will use about 30 kHz waves across the windshield to create a force field to stop any debris such as rain, snow, insects from reaching the windshield. This system is revolutionary and nothing will actually be attached to the windshield, only sound waves moving across the windshield. The idea was borrowed from military aircrafts that are already equipped with similar technology. Windshield wipers are very old technology so it’s about time that they are replaced. It will be interesting to see what McLaren comes up with.


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