Jaguar’s Intelligent Vehicle Technology

Jaguar announced that it will develop intelligent vehicles that are capable of self-learning and adapting to the driver’s habits, preferences and driving style. With self-driving cars and augmented reality windshields possible in the future, this is the next logical step for car-makers. This is especially true for Jaguar, who has made great contributions to new vehicle technology with innovations such as its highly efficient engines and infotainment systems.

This new intelligent vehicle technology will allow drivers a personalized experience, which will make their drive more convenient. Jaguar not only wants to make driving more convenient, but the overall goal is to reduce distractions, which should ultimately reduce automobile accidents. This new technology is designed to take over some of these distractions so that the driver can focus on driving. For example, intelligent vehicles will be able to connect to the driver’s mobile device and make the driver aware of upcoming arrangements. Furthermore, the vehicle will give the driver input on the best route to take to make those arrangements based on traffic, time and weather. In instances where the driver is late, the vehicle will be capable of sending an email or making a call to relay the driver’s tardiness. Intelligent vehicles will be capable of a variety of other abilities such as setting the vehicle cabin to a preferred temperature, automated cruise control based on driving profile and much more. There isn’t an announced release date, but it is expected to be in development for a while because of testing and safety concerns.


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