Audi’s Predictive Suspension Technology

Audi Predictive Suspension TechnologyRoads are not always in the best condition and it is difficult for drivers to react quick enough to avoid the potholes or bumps in the road, luckily Audi is working on a solution. A couple of years ago, Audi released several innovative technologies that they are investing research and development into. Predictive Suspension is one of the technologies mentioned and will make car rides much safer and smoother. The way the system works is a sensor will check for abnormalities in the road within 60 feet. When there is an abnormality, the suspension will drop (or raise) the wheel depending on the circumstance and will absorb the bump or pothole. This will make for a smoother ride, but also a safer ride.

The challenge that Audi is facing with creating a fully functional system is the ability of the sensors to distinguish between abnormalities. For example, the sensors may have difficulty determining if there is a bump ahead or if it is a crumbled up newspaper. Even if the sensors are capable of determining the abnormality on the road, they still need to function fast enough to respond accordingly. This is difficult because there is not much reaction time from the time the car spots the abnormality to the time it crosses the abnormality. Mercedes-Benz has a similar type of technology so it will be interesting to see which is successful.


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