Ugo Colombo Races in the 2014 Ferrari Challenge

Ferrari Challenge UgoThe Ferrari Challenge is a single marque motorsport that began in 1993 for owners of the Ferrari 348 that wanted to become involved in racing. The motorsport has changed since then and now the exclusive model is the Ferrari 458 Italia. Single marque means each competitor uses the same vehicle, which is an identically prepared race car that has specific modifications such as a roll cage, safety harness and other safety equipment. The race is divided into three series, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. There are two classifications for drivers, Trofeo Pirelli and the Coppa Shell, which is professional and amateur drivers, respectively.

Ugo Colombo has raced in previous Ferrari Challenges and so far for the 2014 season, he raced in the Daytona and Montreal races. Ugo Colombo placed 3rd in Daytona in the Coppa Shell classification. In the most recent race, Montreal, Ugo Colombo had a collision with Chris Ruud from Ferrari of Beverly Hills. Chris Ruud was the North American Ferrari Challenge champion for 2011. Luckily, both drivers are fine and walked away from the collusion. This will be the 20th season for the Ferrari Challenge and the next race for the North American series is June 27-29 in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.


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