Audi’s Traffic Light Assist

Audi-Traffic-Light-Assist-CES-2014Audi is in the process of perfecting technology that allows drivers to see how long until a green traffic light changes. In order words, this technology will allow drivers to almost always catch green lights because their car will tell them the appropriate speed to travel at to reduce stop lights. The system relies on traffic light data combined with predictive data based on the vehicle speed and current traffic. Of course, drivers cannot make every green light, but this new technology will give the driver the time remaining until the light changes. In addition to a countdown timer, there is a traffic light icon to show the color of the upcoming light. The system is even able to account for lane changes and signal changes.

The beauty of this system is it will prepare the engine to drive five second before the light turns green. This has some environmental implications because it is expected to reduce emissions by 15%. Furthermore, it’s estimated that it will save 900 million liters of fuel annually in Germany. Considering a global context, this will save substantial amounts of fuel worldwide. Testing has been successfully completed in Las Vegas, Nevada; Berlin, Germany and Verona, Italy. Traffic Light Assist can be easily applied to a vehicle by a simple software patch. The difficulty with implementing the system is connecting the vehicles to the varying traffic light databases that different cities use. There isn’t an expected release date, but it will definitely be available on the full Audi lineup in the near future.


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