Audi Gives Glimpse of 2015 TT

Audi 2015 TT

One of Audi’s most well known models, the TT sports car, is going to get an upgrade. The 2015 Audi TT was revealed to the world at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show in March.
Nothing internal for the car has been revealed yet but the company is teasing us with some sketches of the new coupe. Its rounded shape has a similar silhouette to the current model, but there is a more pronounced horizontal look on the front and rear ends. In the front, a trapezoidal grille opening and angular headlights almost look like the new Ford models while the character line stretches from the lights alongside the car to the taillights. The taillights will feature a permanently on running lamp according to Audi. They say this is new and exclusive to the brand and it looks similar to what Lamborghini has been doing lately which makes sense because Audi owns Lamborghini.

Look for the car to make its appearance at the Geneva show, which opened to the press on March 4.

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