The future is coming, sooner than you think

The days where people no longer have to drive themselves is closer than you think. It is no longer only a hypothetical idea portrayed in Sci-Fi movies. As shown in the video above, Audi is continuously working on developing an autopilot car of the future. The idea behind this car would be to take human error out of driving and improve road safety.

 Key features from the video:

As shown in the video, the car would be activated by a smartphone app. The app would essentially act as your own valet parking service by starting your car and directing it to your location. The car will use its 30 sensors and radar devices to navigate through complex driving situations and pick you up at your location.

 Other Key Features:

  •  Adaptive cruise control with stop and go features.
  • Speed optimize by the MMI Navigation Plus System, network data of the route ahead.
  • Cameras that capture roadside speed sign just in case they differ from the digital speed limit.
  • ESP emergency response- tighten your seatbelt
  • Can see up to 300 meters in total darkness- not affected by night glare

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