Audi’s LED Headlights Technology

Audi LED Headlights

Audi currently offers its innovative LED technology on its entire lineup for both headlights and tail-lights.  The LED headlights produce light at 5,500K, which is basically the same as daylight, while typical auto headlights produce 3,200K.  This increase in color should amplify visibility, but should also help to reduce strain because it is similar to daylight.  Audi’s LED taillight technology is advantageous as well.  The expectation is that it will reduce rear-end accidents because the LEDs illuminates up to ten times faster than typical taillights.  This will increase the reaction time the following drivers have to brake.

Another promising benefit of this LED technology is theoretically it should create fuel and emissions efficiency.  This is because it takes less energy for the engine to power the headlights and taillights.  According to Audi, “Cars equipped with Audi LED daytime running light technology saved around 25,000 metric tons of CO2 during their first year of operation.”  This is because LED bulbs use about four times less energy than typical lights.  In addition, LED bulbs have a longer life than typical bulbs at approximately 10,000 hours.  LED technology should save fuel as well as reduce emissions and might eventually cause the end of typical bulbs.


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