Jaguar F-Type


Finally, after 40 years, Jaguar makes a return in creating its next true sport car: the Jaguar F-Type. The F-Type differs from the svelte and elegant E-Type by taking the form of a compact powerhouse that shows off its high-performance features.

The new Jaguar lineup showcases three different types of engines: The F-Type, F-Type S and the V8 engine. The F-Type engines, with two 3.0-liter V6 Engines, have an approximate 40 horsepower difference, with the F-Type S leading as the best performing engine. The V8 makes a huge jump from 380 to 495 horsepower which makes it the superior for power and performance.

The new Jaguar F-Type brings comfort and speed into the hands of the consumer. Decked out with a full touch screen infotainment & navigation system, and the double-stitched leather décor bring forth luxury in this new sports car. The 8-speed ZF automatic transmission also brings the speed. Overall whether it’s speed or luxury – the Jaguar F-Type caters to both.


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