Ugo Colombo Races in the Ferrari Challenge 2013

Ugo Colombo – Ferrari Challenge

Ugo Colombo will be competing in this 2013 Ferrari Challenge at Sonoma Raceway. Colombo competed in his first Ferrari Challenge in 1996 and has competed almost every year since. In one interview Colombo explains why he enjoys the Ferrari Challenge: “It’s fairly tight racing, and how you qualify is critical because the race lasts only 30 minutes. You’ve got to get yourself into a good position and hold it. Everybody, however, is pretty much a gentleman, so there is no real door slamming. Everybody is aware that the Ferrari F355 is a fairly expensive car. Sure, everybody wants to win the race, but not at the risk of destroying the car or hurting yourself.” Check out Ugo Colombo in the Ferrari Challenge at Sonoma Raceway, April 26-28.

Ugo Colombo 32


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